CHALLENGE: Netflix rules, the movie rental category. Where it lacks is streaming video, so we need to do something about it.

STRATEGY: Hey, that's one of my favorite movies!
People know Netflix, so let's simply generate some camaraderie between Netflix and movie-buffs, but still include everyone by engaging them with discovery. Allow for a fun interactive site that is easily shared, and puts renting and streaming at the same level.


Submit, view, and rate movie riddles on Netflix's main website. You can also "blindly" rent at random or based on the riddle,

If you choose, view the riddle answer by watching the trailer, along with more information from IMDB,
who would appreciate a mutual partnership over their current, Amazon.

Seamlessly browse to rent or stream movies, and see each's own corresponding riddle submissions, or vice versa.

Top ranked submissions will have the riddle and author's name in a print ad.

Remember how you can "blindly" rent a random movie without knowing what it is?


Mobile app, and product extension magnets with all your favorite movie riddles and quotes.

partner: Amanda Burgan