CHALLENGE: Revitalize a brand that was once the #1 iron on the PGA Tour without endorsing a major player.

STRATEGY: Enlighten Your Game
All golf advertising is the same. While other brands are busy flaunting tech-specs that can be found on any golf site, and with golfers stressing over the game so much, Mizuno can capitalize by personifying its unique Japanese history & heritage, an opportunity to stand out simply by speaking to the philosophy that drives their technology.

mizuno golf brand positioning

First one for Mizuno drivers, next putters, then their irons- all connect Sensei Mizuno's philosophy to the clubs.
These ads will stand out in golf publications, since, unlike all other golf ads, they don't show the clubs themselves.


Unique Hanging Banners, OOH and in Pro Shops
unique golf branding

different golf advertising


Mizuno Golf Gardens-
The type of golfer that is going to be willing to purchase a set of Mizuno clubs is most likely going to have at least some playing experience under their belt. Therefore, being that they have swung a golf club before, if Mizuno can just get their clubs into their hands, the club's quality will do the convincing. We also found that this level of player can often be found travelling for business.
By placing golf simulators ("Mizuno Golf Gardens") within airport terminals, Mizuno can reach the hands of this demographic. and do it as a complete escape from potential travel stresses.

Golf Garden Lounge

Golf Simulator

@SenseiMizuno, which also links to

At, like-minded golfers come to learn more about Mizuno's philosophy, as well as have direct access to purchase clubs. They can also connect with other nearby SOHEI for a round since most golfers prefer playing with a buddy, along with locate Golf Gardens and various exclusive SOHEI deals.
mizuno golf branding website

Log-in to go inside and take a tour of The Mizuno Golf Clubhouse, home of Sensei Mizuno.

See where Sensei Mizuno and other SOHEI tee it off.
View real-time Live Video of golfers in Golf Garden simulators around the world.

Golf Garden Locator

Mobile Apps:
-Measure your steadiness of balance during meditation or times of complete focus.
-Read your pulse to find out your stress level.

Golf Course Installation

Attached to the golf clubs in stores are tags along with a pouch of meditation golf balls.

***Tagline came before Gatorade's recent "Win From Within."

partners: Thomas Scaglione, Alex Aloise, Ryan Roberts