Because of my last name, I have been known to some as

In 2012 on a goat farm I became happily married to a wonderful person who I share the exact same birthday with. And we were even born in the same hospital. Found her!

I like soccer, the beach, photography, and combining those things.

In soccer I have competed internationally. One of the greatest experiences I have ever had.

Soccer taught me how to be a successful leader. Ideas are in my blood, and having a positive impact in people's lives makes my heart beat. My way of creating that impact, that influential moment that helps define your perspective of the world, I found early through art. "I want them to get to know me by my drawings," I said to my teacher about my pen pal. Of course I would write to them as well, but I loved the thought of giving others something that they could interpret themselves. Something beyond words. Something that somebody could appreciate more than I did. While everyone has shoes that others can put on and walk a mile in, we all use only our own eyes to uniquely take in and perceive information. Knowing this, no matter the medium, we all have the potential to generate a stir, and most importantly make others feel special.

Enter Art Direction. Business. Coaching / Mentoring.

I am passionate about contributing to my community through Feed the Fire Candles, by coaching soccer to youth (that's my team on the homepage slideshow: "SVU Starts Season With Success!") who have the potential to be great individuals, and volunteering with my church. I am a very analytical thinker and tend to have extremely high attention to detail. I am very resourceful, organized, and agile. I follow trends, interpret subcultures, and love discovering unique opportunities instead of doing things just because others do it. I enjoy digging deep and learning how to do things (such as all aspects of this website) instead of just settling with a template or pushing a button for a solution. I take pride in being truly genuine, thoughtful, thankful, and caring towards other people. I also enjoy cooking, reading, writing, snowboarding, longboarding, Geology, sudoku, hats, and crushed ice.

I received a Masters of Advertising - Art Direction from the VCU Brandcenter in 2009, before that I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2007 from Radford University, and before that I graduated highschool in Midlothian, VA in 2003. I am willing to move anywhere to do creative work for a great company and team, and I can handle various business responsibilties such as account management, public relations or sales development, but I am also willing put forth the extra time or do the work that some may not be interested in. I want to work in the ideas business and collaborate with others! The way that I look at advertising is, "You can get paid to have fun? That is awesome."

In accepting an internship or entry-level position, not only am I willing to do whatever it takes, but I believe that I have more to offer than most entry-level employees. I can be a valuable asset to your team! If there is ANYTHING you would like to ask, or if you would just like to say hi, please feel free to contact me.

You can catch me on @goats_eye
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and again, my email is kevin@kevingroat.com